Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Vampire Across the Hall-4

The Vampire Across the Hall -4

 The Strangers at St Stephens.

That Leann Richards person has published another book about MY adventures. And she's taking credit for it...

Evil person..

I cannot vouch for the veracity of her account, although much of it seems taken directly from my lost diaries.

Here is the link to the fourth story which is called The Strangers at St Stephens.

Apparently it's available through Google books too....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthdays, sounds, sighs, howls and glee clubs....

Last night, Saturday night...Somebody had a birthday party, the music reverberated across the complex like the sound of a hundred jet engines circling overhead.

The neighbours roared four letter words in a vain effort to halt the drunken screaming and the pounding bass...sirens howled...and silence was..eventually...regained....

Tonight, the Glee Club...

Howls of unrestrained excitement echoed across the courtyard as the glee club entertained the residents of the Presidio with loud and off key renditions of Rhianna....accompanied by the original at industrial volume...

The screeching continued unceasingly through the night, until once again, the magic phrase..'shut the f... up' soared  into the air in hope of finding an answer in silence...

It worked..

The phrase is now the magical solution to unacceptable noise in the presidio...

Ahhh, Glee club to the left of me, birthdays to the right of me, and in between the owner of a fine tenor whose rendition of the magical phrase results in miracles...

Long live silence....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Giggling, Chortling, Hyenas- or people type things

Lots of giggling, chortling, hyena type things rampaging around the courtyard last night..There was laughter, there was screaming, there were bottles crashing and music playing..

Perhaps a party? perhaps an orgy? I do not know and do not care to know...maybe I should investigate anyway?

I went for a strange job interview this week. They were keen to hire people who had other things to do. In other words, they didn't want employees who would devote themselves heart and soul to the work.. I think this is a refreshing approach to recruitment and it sounds like my sort of job.

Although...mmmm, I think I saw a round shadow lurking in the park across the road when I left the interview.

Gavin Cloud? That evil little roly poly man..!

Unfortunately, due to my latest job adventures, book four will be delayed..however, it is percolating in my brain and should be ready to pour before the end of March...

Take care all, and of course, all my thoughts and best wishes to our suffering cousins in New Zealand...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Vampire Across the Hall-3. The Exchange

The Vampire Across the Hall book 3, The Exchange,  is now available at Smashwords FREE

In the third story of the series, Daisi's curiosity leads her to a dangerous secret.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

An intimidating gathering of sweaty smoking men....

As I ventured to the basement today and passed the parking garage, I saw a very intimidating gathering of sweaty, smoking men.

Loud bass driven music emanated from their cars which were arranged in a circle and the noises of grunting, groaning and cackling echoed off the sweat drenched walls

All the young men were dressed alike in shorts and t shirts which clung to their backs. They held beers in their hands and glares in their eyes, and I was scared. It was very intimidating.

I quickly dumped my purple garbage bag into the garbage room and skedaddled back to the lift.

I have no idea what they were doing down there, probably partying, but it could be our own version of fight club. I hope not.

Next time I go down there, I will have to look for blood splatters on the walls.- I've been watching a lot of CSI lately.


The mysteries of the presidio linger on and on.

- Daisi.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

e-book downloads and noise

Wow! The downloads of Vampire Across the Hall book 1 have hit 1000! I am just shocked!
Thank you, I hope those who downloaded it, enjoyed the story.

Noise is a huge problem at the Presidio at present. Lots of squealing and screaming, and some shouting. I am unsure whether we are being invaded by pigs or whether there is some supernatural explanation...

Should I complain to the strata board? mmmm Perhaps that would cause more trouble than I want.

I have been trying to find solutions to the problem of noisy neighbours on the internet...but alas! There is no mention of what to do if the noise is not human in origin.

Take care everybody